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The Freedom to Be Me

Accredited Online Course for Teachers

For License Renewal · Salary Advancement

The Freedom to Be Me

  • 3 GRAD Credits

  • Or
  • Continuing Education

  • Credits : 3 GRAD Credits (Uni Transcript)
  • or CEUs: 45 PD Hours (non-credit)
  • Grade Level : K-12
  • Course Number : SM-EMP-301
  • Available Formats : Online
  • Course Syllabus: Click to download
  • Textbook(s): Participant will receive a coupon to download the book(s) for free.
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Course Description

Providing a rich toolbox for both individuals and professionals,
students and children on the path to being who they are – Simply Me!

Empowering Teachers To Empower Students Through:

  • Identifying our desired vs. our current situation.
  • Recognizing and finding our strengths.
  • Expressing our personal values, dreams, and passions.
  • Dealing with change and the fear of making changes in our lives, and more...

This is experienced through:

  • Games
  • Stories
  • Riddles
  • Questionnaires
  • Exercises and Activities
  • Studies
  • Innovative Theories

Once you have experienced the program firsthand, you will receive training on how to independently impart these tools to your students and children, based on two keys from the Simply Me Model:

  • The Key to Identification
  • The Key to the Inner Core

Simple and easy to implement Keys that will reveal the secret of how to make a change, influence, and leave your mark on the younger generation and other adults!

How to raise students and children who accept themselves for who they are, believe in themselves, and fulfill their potential, on the way to being Simply Me...

Goals and Objectives:

The goals of this course are to:

  • Understand the role of educators in the class and ways to empower them both personally and professionally.
  • Empower the students, promote and strengthen their sense of belonging, meaning, and motivation, to find each student’s personal voice and apply it both in the classroom and elsewhere.
  • Become an expert at facilitation skills for deeper work with all the students, colleagues, and parents, through a range of methods: stories, questionnaires, riddles, games, exercises, activities, studies, and innovative theories.
  • Involve the parents in the process, to increase parental involvement and to empower the children.
  • Describe exactly what strong points are and why it is so important to identify them and how this relates to raising motivation and managing social problems.
  • Assimilate new life habits based on the Simply Me model for both teachers and students, for empowerment, leadership, and self-confidence.
  • Understand how to use the Simply Me model to build a classroom culture in which students believe in themselves and want to be Simply Me.
  • Empower the teacher as a person, as a professional, and as a parent, and then apply and adapt the material for the younger generation, to empower the students and children, through games, exercises, activities, stories, and innovative theories.
  • Appreciate that cultivating the Simply Me model is an ongoing process that requires regular practice in and out of the classroom.
Course Reviews:

Wow! I wish all the teachers / facilitators or at least many of them would receive what we have gained by taking this course.

O. Fisher

I will start by saying – what a shame! What a shame the course is over! I haven’t enjoyed a course so much for a long time. I simply don’t have words.

O. Angelis

What a wonderful course, so important, so true, so simple, and so efficient!

Karen B.

Simply wonderful! The Simply Me model enables both us and our kids and students to meet our targets and goals and to progress step by step toward the destination!

Sherry M.

My students and I underwent a very powerful and experiential process using the Simply Me model, with your wonderful guidance. We’ve had many varied activities, and I’ve documented a deep and significant process that the students went through. I want to note that even I as an educator (33 years of experience) was swept away by the program, and I felt that every moment was valuable, emotional, and honest, in the class activities and the unforgettable event with the parents.

Miriam H.
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