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Frequently Asked Questions

Accredited Online Courses for Teachers

SMI offers accredited online PD courses for K-12 teachers.

The courses are applicable for salary advancement, license-renewal, and graduate credits or continuing education units.

GRADUATE CREDIT COURSES are offered in collaboration with our university partners: Colorado State University-Pueblo and Adams State University. Upon completion and passing of the course, teachers will receive an official university transcript.

CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES are offered in collaboration with IACET (The International Association for Continuing Education and Training).

SMI complies with the ANSI/IACET Standards, which are widely recognized as the standard of good practice internationally.

The type of course chosen should be based on your personal needs as a teacher, and on the state or district requirements for K-12 teachers.

GRADUATE CREDIT COURSES are offered in collaboration with our university partners and provide you with a transcript of 3 credits per course.

Upon successful fulfillment of the course, you will receive a transcript by the chosen university and a letter grade may be issued upon your request.

CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES are accredited by IACET. After successful fulfillment of the course, you will receive a letter of completion.

As we have helped many educators across the states, every school, district, or state has their own requirements regarding salary advancement, license-renewal, and re-certification. Please seek verification prior to purchasing a course/registering for a semester.

You have 30 days to cancel your course from the date of your receipt. There is a $55 non-refundable fee for the cancellation.

If you have further questions, Please contact us at: or check the "Find-Your-State" page.

Our courses are available for registration through our website via computer, mobile, or tablet.

Course materials are included in the purchase of your course. You will receive a coupon code to download the course material/book(s) for free.

You have 6 months to begin the course from the date of registeration, unless it is a graduate credit course that must comply with semester dates according to the university.

All of our online continuing education courses are self-paced, allowing you to complete them at your own speed within the 6 month period.

SMI enables you to register for as many courses you would like. However, you should check with your district if they will recognize multiple courses/credits for the same year.


There are no additional fees and materials other than what is listed on the website. There is no shipping necessary.

We require payment in full at the time of registration, there is no option to pay later.

SMI doesn't accept purchase orders for the registration of any course. Registration by credit card is the only method accepted.

SMI offers group discounts for both graduate credit courses and continuing education courses. The discounts are as follows:

For 10 Teachers:
$1,990 >> $1492 (Save 25%) = 45 clock hours
$4,490 >> $3,367 (Save 25%) = 3 Grad Credits

For 20 Teachers:
$3980 >> $2,786 (Save 30%) = 45 clock hours
$8,980 >> $6,286 (Save 30%) = 3 Grad Credits

For requesting a bulk teacher discount, Please contact us at:


You may login into the course anytime through the homepage of our website. Select My-Account on the top right hand corner, put in your login information, and press the "Login" button.

Most courses consist of 8 sessions. Each session must be completed and required coursework submitted before moving on, in order to begin the next session.

Continuing Education/ PD courses:
You have 6 months to finish from the day you begin the course.

Graduate Courses:
The graduate courses correspond with the semester dates of the university, which are published in your account.

There is an automatic "Grace-Period" of 10 days which is already included at the end of each course date.


Upon completion of the course and all of the required materials are submitted, the grading timeline takes place between 6-7 business days.

After the grades are ready, we typically submit the grades to the university 10 days after the due date, please allow the university to process the data. Please ask for the transcript after 14 business days from the date of completion.