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Simply Me
 The Freedom to Be Me


Simply Me
The Freedom to Be Me

By Orly Katz
Book Summary

Reveal the secrets of how to make a change (in yourself and others), influence, and leave your mark on the way to being Simply Me…

Meet the “Dizzies” – our negative voices.
Our Dizzies have a long and tortuous lineage. Brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, you name it…

Each Dizzy has a name, a specific “function”, and each one is responsible for a different field, and specializes in a specific kind of bullying.

Failure Dizzy prevents us from making changes.
Perfectus Dizzy makes us believe that everything we do has to be perfect.
Uglybug Dizzy is there every time we look in the mirror.
Hypochondriac Dizzy, Careeristus Dizzy… are all described in the Official Dizzy Guide.

Reveal the Six Keys of the Simply Me Model that will help you revolutionize your life and transform the situation from where your Dizzies control you, to one where you control your Dizzies, and live according to the way you always wanted to, but never believed possible…

In short, learn how to free yourself from your Dizzies, towards The Freedom to Be Me!

  • Book Author:
    Orly Katz
  • Available: AMAZON.COM
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