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Surviving Junior High
 Passions, Strengths, and Self-Esteem


Surviving Junior High
Passions, Strengths, and Self-Esteem

By Orly Katz
Book Summary

In this book, for Junior High students, our children will discover three keys of the Simply Me Model, which will unlock the secrets to self-esteem:

  • The first key is the ‘Key to Identification’.
    This will help our children identify exactly where they stand in each and every area of their lives right now. Where are they stuck and what can they do to change and improve.
  • The second key is the ‘Key to the Inner Core’.
    This will help our children discover their strong points, recognize their dreams, pin point their passions and will also help them express all these in their lives.
  • The third key is the ‘Key to Taking Action’.
    This will help our children step out of their comfort zone, deal with failure and put their plans into action. In order to change things for the better, build up courage and develop self esteem.
  • Book Author:
    Orly Katz
  • Available: AMAZON.COM
  • Free Coupon: Participants in the relevant course will receive a coupon to download the eBook for free.