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Empowering Teachers to Empower Students, through:

Games, Exercises, Stories ,Activities and Innovative Theories.

Leadership. Empowerment. Self-Esteem.


Who is Simply Me

Simply Me offers accredited (PD) online courses for educators, and SEL programs for schools which focus on leadership, empowerment and self-esteem and provide tools for personal empowerment through: games, exercises, stories and activities.

Once you have experienced the courses firsthand, you will receive training on how to independently impart these tools to your students and children.

Join thousands of Schools and educators who make Simply Me their preferred choice!

What Teachers have to say about Us:

  • This should be compulsory for all teachers! I'm already sad that it's over... and I'm already registering for the next course
    Maya P.
  • Thank you very much all for the tools and ideas you gave us over the sessions... for the wealth of techniques, exercises, and stories... for your empowering and thought-provoking instruction.
    Sandy K.
  • This is the third course I'm taking with Simply Me, and I always get the same feeling: The feeling of receiving so much essential and useful information that helps me so much in my work and in life in general! Well done!
    R. Heider
  • Orly, your presence in the education system and in general is not only essential, but air for breathing!
    O. Cohen.
  • Thank you for an instructive, enriching, and inspiring course that made me wait with anticipation every week for the next session to be uploaded to the site!
    Sarit B.