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SEL VOD Resource and Professional Development

For Teachers & Educators


SEL VOD Knowledge Base and PD

An annual SEL VOD Knowledge Base for Teachers Training and PD,
conforming to the 5 areas of the international CASEL Model.


In these troubled times, new tools are needed to help teachers prepare their students for the “new” world,
Letting them “simply be me”…
But, one size does not fit all!

Each teacher is unique, and each teacher has his/her own specific needs.
Our SEL-ON-DEMAND Knowledge Base, offers an exclusive library of dozens of SEL digital modules and programs.
Hybridly-Optimized for Teachers and Educators.

Features and Benefits

The Platform of the Future of Learning and Teaching
Truly Personalized Journey

No 2 teachers are alike – no 2 courses need to be alike – Teachers choose what is most needed for them and their classroom.

Interactive, Engaged Learning Tools

cutting edge gamification, activities, storytelling, questionnaires, and more to help teachers engage their students in a way that makes learning hands on and fun

Flexible, varied PD Days

Instead of trying to cram everything into a few PD days on the calendar– give teachers the flexibility to learn over the semester– use your PD days to strengthen bonds among staff.


Districts/ Schools receive:

  • 1 year full access for all teachers.
  • A library of dozens of SEL digital modules.
  • SEL on-demand videos, and lesson plans for Self-Paced training.
  • Cutting edge gamification, activities, storytelling, questionnaires, and more
  • AI-based Insights & analysis for principals and districts.
  • Family support resources.
  • PD opportunities.
  • Ongoing Implementation and support.
  • Admin Guide
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support.


All provided through Interactive, Engaged Learning Tools:

A library of dozens of SEL digital modules,
On-demand videos and programs about students’ and teachers’ SEL needs,
Lesson plans, cutting edge games, exercises, activities, short game breaks, stories, questionnaires, and more.

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SEL for educators
SEL for educators
SEL for educators
SEL for educators
SEL for educators
SEL for educators

What Teachers and Educators have to say about our Programs:

  • This should be compulsory for all teachers! I'm already sad that it's over... and I'm already registering for the next course
    Maya P.
  • Thank you very much all for the tools and ideas you gave us over the sessions... for the wealth of techniques, exercises, and stories... for your empowering and thought-provoking instruction.
    Sandy K.
  • This is the third course I'm taking with Simply Me, and I always get the same feeling: The feeling of receiving so much essential and useful information that helps me so much in my work and in life in general! Well done!
    R. Heider
  • Orly, your presence in the education system and in general is not only essential, but air for breathing!
    O. Cohen.
  • Thank you for an instructive, enriching, and inspiring course that made me wait with anticipation every week for the next session to be uploaded to the site!
    Sarit B.