Simply Me Masters

Elementary School SEL Program

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Simply Me Masters - Elementary School

SEL Program (Grades 4-6),
44 Hours, In-Person and Distance Teaching Optimized

An annual SEL program teaching how to be Simply Me using 6 simple and fascinating Keys,
conforming to the 5 areas of the international CASEL Model.

Through an interactive reading experience, group work, developing original products,
and shared facilitation, the participants experience the development of social-emotional skills,
acquire ways of handling a variety of social situations, nurture a sense of efficacy and faith in themselves,
while identifying and expressing the individual voice of each person.

Experiencing and Applying SEL According to the 6 Keys of the Simply Me Model

conforming with the 5 Areas of the CASEL Model
The Identification Key

Identifying the existing situation versus the desired situation.
Identifying fixating patterns.
Identifying areas to preserve and to improve.


Conforms to the CASEL Areas:
Interpersonal skills.
Decision making.

The Inner Core Key

Locating and identifying:
strengths, personal values, dreams, and passions.
ways to express our personal voice.


Conforms to the CASEL Areas:

The Power of Thinking Key

Techniques to exercise our thinking muscle.
Channeling thinking pathways from negative to positive.


Conforms to the CASEL Areas:
Social awareness.


3 Stages of the Simply Me Masters Program

(for each Key studied)


Mixed interactive reading

Individual and/or in groups reading, of the Simply Me book series.


Group work

Creative thinking, brainstorming, and developing a range of products and activities in the area of social-emotional learning, based on free choice.


Facilitation and presentation

Facilitation and presentation of the products to the group, whether the class or the whole school.


The students are those who learn, experience, and teach the Simply Me Model’s Keys to their peers.


Among the topics:

  • Finding our personal voice, strengths, and personal values.
  • Changing the discourse on social networks.
  • Handling violence and ostracism.
  • Handling stressful and uncertain situations.
  • Handling failure.
  • Assertiveness and handling social pressure.
  • Body language and charisma.
  • Optimism versus pessimism.
  • True friendship and social popularity.
  • Telling tales versus reporting.
  • And much more…

Elementary School Students receive:

  • 1 year full access.
  • The 'Surviving Primary School' interactive book series, by Orly Katz.
  • Dozens of interactive quizzes and self-passed assessment tools for individual diagnosis and mapping.
  • A personal documentation journal: Simply Me – Writing About Me.

Teachers receive:

  • 1 year full access.
  • The Simply Me Masters – Train the Trainer Webinar.
  • The 'Surviving Primary School' interactive book series, by Orly Katz
  • The Digital Simply Me - Teacher’s Kit for Primary School Students (Vol 1-6).
  • Family support resources.
  • PD opportunities.
  • Ongoing Implementation.
  • Admin Guide.
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support.

What Teachers and Educators have to say about our Programs:

  • Wow! I wish all the teachers / facilitators or at least many of them would receive what we have gained by taking this course.
    O. Fisher
  • I will start by saying – what a shame! What a shame the course is over! I haven’t enjoyed a course so much for a long time. I simply don’t have words.
    O. Angelis
  • What a wonderful course, so important, so true, so simple, and so efficient!
    Karen B.
  • Simply wonderful! The Simply Me model enables both us and our kids and students to meet our targets and goals and to progress step by step toward the destination!
    Sherry M.
  • My students and I underwent a very powerful and experiential process using the Simply Me model, with your wonderful guidance. We’ve had many varied activities, and I’ve documented a deep and significant process that the students went through. I want to note that even I as an educator (33 years of experience) was swept away by the program, and I felt that every moment was valuable, emotional, and honest, in the class activities and the unforgettable event with the parents.
    Miriam H.