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Simply Me Masters

Elementary School SEL Program

Social and Emotional Learning - Programs, Resources & PD

Simply Me Masters - Elementary School

The SEL Platform for Your School

Simply Me – A platform that gives every teacher, experiential game breaks based on
the social-emotional mapping of the class, in any lesson, at any time!
To create Happy Kids in 10 Minutes a Day!


Simply Me is the first platform, enabling social-emotional mapping of the class’s skills,
and recommending to the teacher a ten-minute game break
(game, activity, exercise, story, or questionnaire)
during any lesson throughout the school day.

  • Before a lesson, in the middle of a lesson, after a lesson;
  • Before a test or after a test;
  • At the start of the day, in the middle of the day, or at the end of the day…

To increase motivation, reduce burn-out, lower tension, release stress, increase concentration,
cohesion, empowerment, and receive an optimal climate.

To create: Happy Kids in 10 Minutes a Day (and teachers too…)
At the touch of a button, in any lesson, you have the game break in your class,
based on the social-emotional state of your students!


How Does the Platform Work?



Continuous anonymous mapping of the class’s social-emotional status in real time.


Analysis and Recommendation

Analysis of the results and recommendations for (short) game breaks and/or (long) modules, to improve the students’ social-emotional skills.


Simply Me Meter

Performing class/group /individual feedback.


Click here to view the catalog of modules and game breaks.


What Does Each Module Include?

Learning through true stories, games, questionnaires, and activities.
Group work to develop outcomes.
Presenting the outcomes to the class.


The Modules Include:

  • Hybrid experiential game-breaks.
  • The Simply Me Podcast – true inspiring stories of growing up.
  • Lesson plans – games, exercises, and activities.
  • Interactive map-yourself questionnaires.
  • Journey Journal – Simply Me writing about myself.
  • Interactive reading.
  • Ongoing Implementation.
  • Admin Guide.
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support.

Among the topics:

  • Finding our personal voice, strengths, and personal values.
  • Handling violence and ostracism.
  • Changing the discourse on social networks.
  • Assertiveness and handling social pressure.
  • Body language and charisma.
  • Handling stressful and uncertain situations.
  • Handling failure.
  • Optimism versus pessimism.
  • True friendship and social popularity.
  • Tattle-telling versus reporting.
  • Setting goals, targets, writing a personal action plan, and much more…

Important to Know – Simply Me Masters:

  • Adapted for emergencies.
  • Adapted for hybrid learning.
  • Provides guidance and accompaniment for teaching staff.
  • SEL studies in alignment with the 5 competencies of the international CASEL model.
  • PD opportunities.
  • Ongoing Implementation.

What Teachers and Educators have to say about our Programs:

  • Wow! I wish all the teachers / facilitators or at least many of them would receive what we have gained by taking this course.
    O. Fisher
  • I will start by saying – what a shame! What a shame the course is over! I haven’t enjoyed a course so much for a long time. I simply don’t have words.
    O. Angelis
  • What a wonderful course, so important, so true, so simple, and so efficient!
    Karen B.
  • Simply wonderful! The Simply Me model enables both us and our kids and students to meet our targets and goals and to progress step by step toward the destination!
    Sherry M.
  • My students and I underwent a very powerful and experiential process using the Simply Me model, with your wonderful guidance. We’ve had many varied activities, and I’ve documented a deep and significant process that the students went through. I want to note that even I as an educator (33 years of experience) was swept away by the program, and I felt that every moment was valuable, emotional, and honest, in the class activities and the unforgettable event with the parents.
    Miriam H.