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2 Ways to distinguish between optimistic children and pessimistic children?

Author: Orly Katz

What is the difference between optimistic children and pessimistic children and more importantly, what goes through their minds?

Optimistic Children:

  • Think positively,
    believe in themselves and their skills.
    They are hopeful about the future and
    know that if something good happened,
    it is to their credit and they deserve it.
  • However, if something bad happens,
    they believe it is because they didn't have a good day
    and that tomorrow will be a better day,
    or maybe they didn't prepare well enough
    and next time they will be better prepared.

Pessimistic Children:

  • Think negatively and have bad thoughts.
    They think they are very unfortunate
    and that bad things only happen to them,
    and they are not surprised when something bad happens.
  • On the other hand, if something good happens to them
    they are shocked and don't give themselves credit,
    because they believe that they lucked out,
    and that tomorrow will be bad again.

In other words:
Optimists think of good things and attract what is good for them. Pessimists, however, think of bad things and attract what is not good for them.

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