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What are Energy Boosts and Energy Drains?
And 5 Examples to Identify Them in the Lives of Your Students

Author: Orly Katz

What exactly are Energy Boosts and Energy Drains?
And no ... they are not related to food,
but they are related to us, the parents, and to our children:

Energy Boosts are all the things in your students’/children's environment that are good for them!

Examples of Energy Boosts in the Lives of Your Students’/Children's Include:

Good friends, interesting hobbies, an engaging book,
love, laughter, a good movie, challenging sports,
and whatever else your students’/children's enjoy.

Energy Drains are the exact opposite of Energy Boosts.
They are all the people/things in your students’/children's environment that bother them, are not good for them and drain every last drop of energy from them.

5 Examples of Energy Drains in the Lives of Your Students’/Children's Include:

  • When it's hard for them to stand up for themselves and they bend to peer pressure.
  • When they are treated badly, violently, and are ostracized.
  • When others spread gossip/rumors about them.
  • When others tell tales about them.
  • When they fight with siblings/parents.

And where do you, the teachers and parents come into the picture?

If you imagine your students/children as a can of an energy drink, the environment can either fill it with more and more good energy or empty it.

If your students/children are surrounded by Energy Drains, and they aren't doing anything about it, these drains will bother them, clutter their minds and steal every bit of good energy.

The level of their energy drink will drop further and further, resulting in them feeling bad about themselves.

The can is the baggage/load they carry with them into adulthood.

It is your role as teachers and parents to ensure that the can is full of Energy Boosts, and to help your students/children get rid of as many Energy Drains as possible.

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