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The Top 5 Areas of Interest Today’s Students Share – Part B

Author: Orly Katz

If your student is interested in music, start finding out:

  • The names of his favorite bands.
  • The singers she most identifies with.
  • His favorite music styles.
  • The most viewed clips on the net.

If your students is interested in fashion, start finding out:

  • Her favorite brands.
  • The best fashion designers in his eyes.
  • Her favorite fashion styles.
  • What style he doesn’t like.

If your student is interested in sports, start finding out:

  • His favorite sport.
  • The sport(s) she is good at.
  • His favorite team.
  • A sports player she is a fan of, if at all.

If your student is interested in technology, start to find out:

  • What interests her most about technology.
  • The innovations he is most excited about.
  • The sites she like to surf on the web.
  • Who his friends are on Facebook.

If your student is interested in social interaction, start finding out:

  • Who are his really good friends. (Those he feels good with, not just those he hangs out with.)
  • Who are in the circle of friends she does hangs out with.
  • What he does when he goes out.
  • Where she goes.
  • The hobbies she shares with her friends.

If you don’t know the answers to some of the questions, then get to work. Start to open your eyes, ears, and mouth - and ask questions!

It’s never too late...

Taken from our accredited online course for teachers:
The Freedom to Be Me.

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