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How to Get Your Hybrid On- Teaching in the 21 st Century


SEL Resource and Professional Learning

How to Get Your Hybrid On- Teaching in the 21 st Century

  • Written By: Orly Katz
  • Teaching Method : Asynchronous
  • Module Number : MOD-40
  • Formats : Online
Accredited Nationwide
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Practical & Innovative
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Among the topics, we will:

  • Discover how it all started, how the school was invented, and the difference between schools then and now.
  • Understand the concept of Disruptive Innovation and how this relates to the Coronavirus crisis.
  • Map the 3 challenges facing teachers in the new world of education that has been created.
  • Reveal a fascinating study: Why do learners shut off their cameras?
  • Discover the 3 educational opportunities that have opened up to us as a result of the Coronavirus crisis.
  • Dive deep into the subject of Hybrid Learning.
  • Learn the 5 Dimensions of Hybrid Learning and the optimal combination of them.
  • Discover how to prepare/build a hybrid lesson.
  • Reveal the 7 Taboos we have to break when planning an optimal hybrid lesson
  • Learn the HYBRID PLAYLIST Model, which allows us to remember and apply everything.