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The Simply Me “Parent - Teacher - Student” Great Event


SEL Resource and Professional Learning

The Simply Me “Parent - Teacher - Student” Great Event

  • Written By: Orly Katz
  • Teaching Method : Asynchronous
  • Module Number : MOD-6
  • Formats : Online
Accredited Nationwide
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Practical & Innovative
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Among the topics, we will:

  • Experience together the Simply Me- Parent-Teacher-Student- Great Event! Its goals are:
  • o Strengthening the parent-kid connection.
  • o Child empowerment.
  • o Increasing the parent-kid sense of belonging.
  • Identify regular argument patterns in the home and how to stop them.
  • Identify the Energy Boosts of parents and kids and how to integrate them into their daily lives;
  • Map the strong points typical of both the kid and the parent, and build the Chain of Strengths.
  • More surprises, so that at the end of each activity and game, the children and parents will receive “gifts for life”.