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The Freedom to Be Me - Children


SEL Resource and Professional Learning

The Freedom to Be Me - Children

  • Written By: Orly Katz
  • Teaching Method : Asynchronous
  • Module Number : MOD-24
  • Formats : Online
Accredited Nationwide
Your Pace
Practical & Innovative
PD Hours / CEUs

Among the topics, we will:

  • Build the Class Identification Circle, an exercise for mapping areas that the class needs to improve and change.
  • Play the Identification Circle Game, to demonstrate the class’s high area and low areas that need change and improvement.
  • Find the 3 most common reasons for kids and student’s lack of success in various areas.
  • Complete the Friendship Exercise for improving the area of friendship within the class.
  • Receive a wide range of games, exercises, activities, and stories for empowering students both remotely and in person.