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My Happiness and Me: Happy Kids in 10 Minutes a Day


SEL Resource and Professional Learning

My Happiness and Me: Happy Kids in 10 Minutes a Day

  • Written By: Orly Katz
  • Teaching Method : Asynchronous
  • Module Number : MOD-10
  • Formats : Online
Accredited Nationwide
Your Pace
Practical & Innovative
PD Hours / CEUs

Among the topics, we will:

  • Hear my personal story that shows how everything began.
  • Reveal why it is worthwhile for us to be happy.
  • Hear about a fascinating study that will show us what influences our happiness.
  • Discover what is the key to our happiness and what is the happiness pie of each and every one of us.
  • Understand what the most worthwhile action is we can take in our life, and what is the number one enemy on our path to happiness.
  • Hear about the happiness twins’ study, and its connection to understanding what percentage of our happiness is influenced by our genetic factors.
  • Learn what is the Happy School/Kids in Ten Minutes a Day.
  • Receive games, stories, studies, exercises, and activities to practice, train, and improve the happiness level both of us adults and of our kids and students, both in person and remotely.