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Simply Me
 A Good Story, That's the Whole Story


Simply Me
A Good Story, That's the Whole Story

By Orly Katz
Book Summary

Upgrade your story telling skills to an art!

Reveal the secrets of how to make a change (in yourself and others), influence, and leave your mark on the way to being Simply Me…

  • Learn how to share and create meaningful stories, when facing an audience, even if you weren’t born an author...
  • Reveal the 5 rules of thumb for creating a good story and how anyone can do this.
  • Discover the 6 types of stories, that can turn any lesson, workshop, and message, even the driest and most boring, into a meaningful, exciting, and fascinating message.

In short, become an influential, meaningful and empowering figure in the lives of your students, your own children, your colleagues, and other adults you work with!

Because - a good story, that’s the whole story…

  • Book Author:
    Orly Katz
  • Available: AMAZON.COM
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