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Simply Me
 The Art of Effective Group Facilitation


Simply Me
The Art of Effective Group Facilitation

By Orly Katz
Book Summary

Upgrade your group facilitation skills to an art!

Reveal the secret of how to make a change, influence, and leave your mark on the younger generation and other adults to accept themselves for who they are, believe in themselves, and fulfill their potential, on the way to being Simply Me…

  • Learn how to give workshops, lectures, fascinating and innovative courses and leave your mark on adults and the younger generation!
  • Enrich yourselves with original games, exercises, stories, questionnaires, quizzes, studies, and theories.
  • Receive an ongoing supply of materials for group work and one-on-one work.

In short, become an influential, meaningful and empowering figure in the lives of your students, your own children, your colleagues, and other adults you work with!

  • Book Author:
    Orly Katz
  • Available: AMAZON.COM
  • Free Coupon: Participants in the relevant course will receive a coupon to download the eBook for free.