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Surviving Junior High
 Be Positive! Think Positive! Feel Positive!


Surviving Junior High
Be Positive! Think Positive! Feel Positive!

By Orly Katz
Book Summary

In this book, for Junior High students, for Junior High students, our children will discover another key of the Simply Me Model: “The Key to the Power of Thought”
that will help them to unlock the secrets to:

  • Changing from being a pessimist into being an optimist simply by changing the way they speak.
  • Get over their inferiority complexes.
  • Most importantly – understanding that in the end, they attract into their lives those things they were thinking, both good and bad!
  • Book Author:
    Orly Katz
  • Available: AMAZON.COM
  • Free Coupon: Participants in the relevant course will receive a coupon to download the eBook for free.